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Share it like Cicero: How Roman authors used social networking

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One of the stories I tell in “Writing on the Wall” is about the way the Roman book-trade worked. There were no printing presses, so copying of books, which took the form of multiple papyrus…

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Microblogging – Twitter

I’ve looked at Twitter, and I know it’s very popular; and nice people have explained to me why they like it/think it’s useful. But I still don’t get it. For me it seems to me to be a form of … Continue reading

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SM I’ve Tried – Facebook

Let me start with a disclaimer: I use Facebook, but I don’t like it much! So why use it? With Facebook you can do most of the possible things in social media, you can blog, microblog, chat, photoshare and use … Continue reading

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Flickr – The Commons

One of the most interesting features in Flickr is The Commons. It is a collection of photographic archives from participating institutions, it commenced in early 2008 with a pilot project in partnership with the Library of Congress, after the success … Continue reading

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SM I’ve Tried – Youtube

And yes, ‘SM’ does mean social media… Youtube has to be my favourite social media platform, I find it totally immersive, have spent hours searching, watching jumping to something that looks interesting in the related videos list. Have wasted days … Continue reading

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Flickr Furore!

The photosharing site Flickr (owned by Yahoo) recently did a major update mainly in the look and feel of the site. Formerly it was an uninspired layout but clean and quick to load, but now it has added copious amounts of black and less … Continue reading

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Obligatory Cat Photo

As we all know, the only actually useful purpose the internet serves is to facilitate the sharing of cat images. So here’s mine. And here is a short wikipedia article which may be of interest.

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