Microblogging – Twitter

I’ve looked at Twitter, and I know it’s very popular; and nice people have explained to me why they like it/think it’s useful. But I still don’t get it.

For me it seems to me to be a form of limited (140 characters) text messaging which has the ability to be received by multiple persons who are ‘following’ either you or the subject of the post, both of which are denoted by hashtags. Text messaging for me is purely utilitarian eg. “where are you?”, “did you get the milk?” etc. For messages like that, one recipient is about the limit!

The 140 character limit is also I think a problem, can one say something very profound or thought provoking within that limit? Perhaps, but certainly not often! Such short messages lose any tone or nuance they might have. Communication is more than just the words used, indeed, some may say the words are the least important part! With longer written works it is possible to explain, to clarify, to carefully phrase, to use exactly the right words irrespective of number to get your meaning across.

One of the advantages Twitter does have is it’s immediacy and speed, the downside of this of course is the old saying “post in haste, repent at leisure”.

As perhaps you can tell, I’m not a fan!

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4 Responses to Microblogging – Twitter

  1. becsblurb says:


  2. bonniewildie says:

    What about the power of the bon mot?

  3. Whipple Girl says:

    Since when have you ever sent me a txt saying “did you get the milk?”.. lies!!!! hahaha

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