SM I’ve Tried – Youtube

And yes, ‘SM’ does mean social media…

Youtube has to be my favourite social media platform, I find it totally immersive, have spent hours searching, watching jumping to something that looks interesting in the related videos list. Have wasted days on it! I haven’t uploaded much myself, just two videos, but I comment on ones I like and have occasionally exchanged emails with other users

It has a massive range of content, with everything from how-to vids to old films to music videos not to mention the ubiquitous internet cats. My favourite however are the music vids, I can keep up with modern music, classical composers who I’ve heard of, but never previously heard, not to mention oldies; and for me that means a lot of eighties music!

But I think the most rewarding part of Youtube is the ‘discovering’ of new non-commercial music; there’s a huge number of extremely talented people out there and because of Youtube I get to listen and watch, no matter where they live! Here is a playlist with some of these folks, there are thousands more.

One form on Youtube I am fond of is the ‘mashup’, Bonnie described mashups to us as combining divers streams of data electronically to produce a new and useful result/application (I hope I got that right!). However the only way I have seen the term used before is to describe an short edited video from a film or tv show overlaid with music from a different source. In my opinion, done well they can provide an immensely powerful experience.

This is one of my favourites, from David Tennants ‘Casanova’ with ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence (sorry for the video quality but I can’t figure a way to make the screen smaller…sigh).

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3 Responses to SM I’ve Tried – Youtube

  1. becsblurb says:

    Points for Tennant!

  2. rome1994 says:

    Hi, what a great post on your blog. Taught me something and also interesting.

  3. mtnfeath says:

    I agree becsblurb; been watching David Tennant in “Broadchurch” on Friday nights. Nice to hear his native accent for a change.

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