Flickr Furore!

The photosharing site Flickr (owned by Yahoo) recently did a major update mainly in the look and feel of the site. Formerly it was an uninspired layout but clean and quick to load, but now it has added copious amounts of black and less user control over layout, photo sizes etc.

There has been some feedback on the Flickr site regarding these changes in this thread, at the time of writing there are almost 29k posts over 289 pages! Most of these posts do not seem supportive of the changes.

This seems to be a bit more than the typical kneejerk anti-change rage we’ve all seen so often (especially regarding Facebook), this seems serious. So the question is ‘will flickr listen to it’s users or not?’, time will tell.

Here is an interesting blogpost about the changes and here’s another.

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One Response to Flickr Furore!

  1. This all brings back lots of fond memories of the blog unit of study….

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