Obligatory Cat Photo

As we all know, the only actually useful purpose the internet serves is to facilitate the sharing of cat images. So here’s mine. And here is a short wikipedia article which may be of interest.

Obligatory Cat

Obligatory Cat

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5 Responses to Obligatory Cat Photo

  1. sturkster says:

    Aren’t they all!

  2. bonniewildie says:

    Cat photos = easiest way to pass this unit.
    Also, the Wikipedia article on ship’s cats is also worth a look

  3. mtnfeath says:

    I believe that Bonnie is 100% serious about it being the easiest way to pass this unit! You’re off to a great start then. Good luck & enjoy… 🙂

  4. librarysimon says:

    Speedy looks like a nice munchkin.
    Also, my compliments on the lovely photo. One of very few online cat photos that are not freaky.

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